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Most of our meat selection comes from Italy, Spain and certain areas of Hungary and consist of smoked and dried hams, beef hams, mortadellas, chorizos and brawns. Our first and foremost priority is quality: we offer cold cuts and meats that are prepared preferably by artisan methods, on bio farms. We are proud to have the widest selection of Iberico hams at our disposal, with excellent product like Joselito or Cinco Jotas. We also carry Bellota ham, made in the famous Extremadura region or the Beppe Nonno di Sauris ham, from Sauris, made and smoked using 150 years old traditions. Skilled specialists who always find the right cold cut for the right taste for our valued customers present the wide selection and assemble gift plates, as well, upon request, with cheeses, other appetizers and sandwich toppings.


During recent years, the popularity of the Hungarian native mangalica pig’s meat has increased. This extraordinary and rare pig breed is almost meant to be farmed naturally since it grows and fattens slower than factory-farmed breeds. In the case, they are fed on a diet of acorns, kept free-range, and let to develop in their own rhythm their meat becomes tasty and rich in unsaturated fats. The mangalica products of Delizia Gourmet & More originate from ecological farms, are the best quality and contain only natural ingredients.  


Jabugo is a small village dotted with chestnut trees and holm oaks in the heart of the sizzling South of Spain.  Its unique microclimate with hot summers and winters free from freezing temperatures, dry days and humid nights, make it unique environment within the Iberian peninsula. No other place in the world has such favorable conditions for producing top-quality ham. That is why Sánchez Romero Carvajal has been producing the best Cinco Jotas hams here, since 1879. Pigs live free alongside other wild animals such as wild boar and deer, on the fragrant thyme and rosemary fields so that we taste the pureness of the breed in their unrivaled hams. Sánchez Romero Carvajal takes good care of making his product, the unique Iberian ham only from genetically flawless stock. Sophisticated meat lovers may enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean in all the attributes of the ham, in its texture, aromas and flavors. Besides, these products are rich in unsaturated fats that have a positive physiological effect and due to their low energy; even a diet can be made enjoyable with them.


Ham specialties are well liked in Italy, as well. Most of Italian prosciuttos are prepared without salt and are available in raw (crudo) or cooked (cotto) versions. The most popular and highest rated Italian ham is the San Daniele, a Protected Designation of Origin sealed specialty. The meat must come from pigs bred exclusively in certain regions of Northern Italy and is prepared with ancient procedures, with sea salt and without artificial additives, in the town of San Daniele del Friuli. The location of the preparation is very important in making the San Daniele ham because the curing hams enjoy an ideal mixture of Alpine and salty sea air in this little town, since San Daniele del Friuli is located half-way from both. The result is an unparalleled taste that is best appreciated when sliced paper-thin. It is available at Delizia’s together with numerous other Italian ham specialties.

We offer cold cuts from the finest Italian and French manufacturers: hams, mortadellas, salamis and sausage specialties. Products coming from family businesses make up most of our assortment, where mainly handcrafted, traditional methods are used, amounts are small and no artificial extracts are added. Besides the Italian Golfera and Salumi Armini our most popular products are the trifle or the pistachio mortadella and the French Séchoir des Alpes. The latter has been prepared in Provence since 1937 by artisan methods.